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Builders Cleaning in Melbourne


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  • Hourly rates competitive
  • After a viewing, get free quotes
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Builders cleaning prices in Melbourne

After builders cleaning prices

Standard price $50


Tradesmen often pack up their belongings when your home is undergoing a complete or partial renovation.You will need to clean up after builders.

Hpcs Cleaning Melbourne will help you clean up the mess and restore your home to its former glory. We can help you with any type of cleaning, including a complete clean or a partial one.

This is an interesting fact

Silica is the main ingredient in builder’s dust. It is a natural substance that can be found in many rocks, clays, sands, brings, and other construction materials. Inhaled respirable, crystalline silica can result from building processes.

We want to know your construction cleaning priorities

The builders cleaning service can be tailored to your needs and will clean your home within a few hours depending on how big it is.

An estimate and time frame will be given to you based on the cleaning tasks that you have described.That would require the help of renovation cleaners in order to finish them. After a viewing, a more exact quote can be provided.

Standard Construction cleaning checklist These tasks may include:

1. Fully renovated/newly constructed unfurnished property

  • Surfaces Doors, skirting boards and banisters are cleaned thoroughly.
  • Ceilings and walls:Spot cleaning and removal of builders dust; tiled areas are wiped clean
  • Fixtures Remove plaster or paint from light switches, sockets and scrubbing and wiping kitchen and bathroom fittings.
  • Windows You can wash the inside. We can also deep clean them if requested. There may be additional charges.
  • Floors Vacuumed and mopped

2. Fully furnished and renovated property

  • All of the above are carefully addressed
  • Furniture All cupboards, benchestops, drawers and cabinets must be dusted and wiped.
  • Mirrors and glass tops Polished and clean
  • Carpeting and upholstery Thoroughly vacuum
  • Electric appliances Sanitized from the outside

3. Partially renovated furnished/unfurnished property

  • Spot cleaning of specific areas
  • Each room is cleaned individually after it has been renovated.
  • Particular pieces of furniture or items are cleaned with care

It’s better to skip the DIY after-renovation cleaning

You can find many tips online about how to clean up after a renovation. You will see a lot of people trying to make things worse by trying to remove plaster from the skirtings or cleaning windows to get rid of the construction dust.

With Hpcs Cleaners Melbourne These overwhelming tasks will be no longer a concern.

Expert cleaners use detergents that are safe and effective. Each expressly cleaned area can be done in a matter of hours.Cleaning job for buildersIt will be dealt with the same attention to detail as it deserves. Don’t waste your time or resources trying to do everything yourself. Professional cleaners are more experienced than builders and can help you avoid ruining their efforts to renovate your home.

You can also take advantage of our other services such as window cleaning (includes exterior windows), honing and commercial cleaning at preferred rates.

Did you know?

In 2014-2015, around 7 million tonnes of construction debris were dumped in landfills across Australia. Tossing your building materials into a landfill is a huge waste of resources that could be used for other purposes. You can do many things to reduce builder’s waste. For example, you might be able sell some of your used materials to help recover some costs.