Your carpets act as a magnet, attracting and gripping all the dust, dirt, grit and grime into their fibres. If viewed under a micro While regular vacuuming will help reduce the accumulation of dirt, it can only touch the surface.


Only professional cleaning by a trained operator with the right experience, equipment and cleaning agents can help restore the original look and lustre of your carpet.

Having your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis will not only extend their life expectancy considerably (by up to 10 years*), but will also keep them hygienically clean.

Reasons to consider carpet cleaning

1 The dirt that you can see in your carpet is purely cosmetic – up to 85% is trapped deep within the pile.

2 Did you know a carpet can trap its own weight, or more, in dirt?

3 Regular vacuuming is highly recommended, but it can only suck at the surface.

4 Accumulated grit and soiling (and there’s a lot of it) severely reduces your carpet’s life span.

5 Dirty carpets are a haven for dust mites and bacteria to develop.

6 The cost of regular cleaning is minimal compared with the cost of carpet replacement.

7 Small local hire carpet cleaner machines are simply not up to the job and often leave sticky residues in the carpet when you’ve finished. This residue then attracts dirt, and very quickly leave your carpets dirty again.

8 Independent research has shown that with regular professional cleaning, your carpet can last for up to 20 years. Without it can your carpet could be worn out in only 5 years.*

Why choose us to clean your carpet

  • Our professional deep cleaning service keeps your carpets looking better for longer.
  • Hygienic cleaning reduces the risk for people who suffer from allergies, such as asthma.
  • Helps restores the original appearance, fluffed-up pile and new carpet freshness.

Carpet Cleaning Amazing


The carpet cleaning services we offer at Amazing Cleaning will help remove unwanted dirt and dust that has built up over time as well as most stains, dust mites and other insects from deep down inside the carpet and/or upholstery fibers.
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Professional truck-mounted steam, cleaning systems

– Fully trained technicians.
– Environmentally safe process.
– Steam cleaning.
– Stain removal.
– Quick dry.
– Scotchgard.
– Pet odor removal.


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