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Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Regular carpet cleaning can double the life expectancy of your flooring and save you thousands on carpet replacement costs.

  • Expertly removing the most common carpet stains
  • Eliminating all bacteria and allergens
  • Carpet warranty maintenance
  • Enhance the look of any room
  • Special stain protection products can be applied upon request
  • You can save a lot of time and money

Prices starting at $30 per room

Why is it worth having your carpets professionally cleaned?

Carpets can get stained from regular use. Vacuuming alone won’t remove the contaminants embedded in carpet fibers.

Professional carpet cleaning is essential for maintaining your floor coverings. You should hire a carpet cleaner depending on the lifestyle of your family, how often you use them, and the size of your home.

If you manage or own a commercial space with carpeted floors, then you might need to use specialised steam cleaning services more often.

You will see that carpet cleaning equipment of the highest quality is effective in eliminating allergens and pathogens from carpets and rugs. You may find pollen, mold, allergens and dust mites on your carpet.

Even worse, indoor allergens can be caused by foot traffic and cause respiratory problems for asthma sufferers or people with sensitive lungs.

It has been shown that 75% of all allergic reactions, along with flu- and cold-like symptoms, are due to the buildup of harmful microorganisms and germs on textile flooring and upholstered furniture.

Regular steam cleaning your carpets is essential to maintain their beauty and longevity. Professional hot water extraction equipment has been proven effective in removing stains.

Hire a professional carpet cleaner

Hpcs Cleaners Melbourne is a well-known provider of domestic assistance in the area. The advanced equipment and techniques that they use make our carpet cleaning and stain removal services highly sought-after.

We are also experts in rug and mat washing, using only gentle detergents.

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is another popular service we offer because it’s done by the best and most experienced professionals in the industry.

They use steam cleaning (hot-water extraction) systems that are powerful and effective. This allows them to remove stubborn stains and allergens quickly and leaves carpets looking clean and fresh.

Hpcs Cleaners is also a preferred choice for many business owners.

You can book our commercial carpet cleaning services any day of week, regardless if you need it cleaned in the office, at your retail store, or anywhere else.


How Much Does Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne Cost?

All materials, equipment, and labour are included in this price. On request, we can provide stain protection, deodorizing and sanitizing.

Water extraction

How water extraction works

Synthetic/mixed (microfibres, man-made polyester, wool), etc.

 $85 for the minimum price

Property Prices Bedroom$40 Living/Eating Room $45 Hallway$20

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