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Commercial Cleaning in Melbourne


  • Service that is personalized and oriented towards the customer
  • Trustworthy personal account manager
  • Regular cleaning with the same cleaner
  • Cleaning options available outside of business hours
  • All other services are subject to special rates



Instead of focusing on your business goals, why not let the professionals handle the cleaning?

hpcs Cleaners assists commercial clients in Melbourne to keep their offices clean and inviting. Our industrial cleaning services are tailored to your needs and do not disrupt your business operations.

A dedicated office housekeeping team can help you maintain a healthy work environment.

Amazing Commercial Cleaners Do the Job

You will always receive the same cleaner, regardless of whether you need cleaning help on a weekly basis, fortnightly, or monthly basis. The maid will quickly get to know your cleaning needs and preferences, ensuring a seamless service delivery.

For the following contracting and staff selection standards, our commercial cleaning expertise is preferred:

  • Highly trained, conscientious and trusted operatives
  • Cleaners are fully vetted, interviewed, and insure
  • High-end detergents and equipment can only be used by qualified personnel
  • Friendly, flexible and well-dressed uniformed
  • Receptive to quality control monitoring, and recommendations
  • Fully trained to use door entry control systems

Corporate Cleaning in Melbourne for a Variety of Industries

Our diverse client base includes customers from:

  • Public sector
  • Food service industries
  • Property and hospitality management
  • The retail and leisure services market
  • Healthcare service providers

We are available to provide prompt assistance if you need restaurant cleaning, hotel or shop cleaning, as well as regular upkeep of your office space.

We make it easy to clean our offices and commercial spaces.

Commercial spaces come at different sizes and serve different purposes. This affects how they are maintained and upkeep.

Hpcs Cleaners Melbourne has the experience to tailor our corporate cleaning services to suit your needs.

The commercial cleaners will be able to:

  • Vacuum all floors and mop them (a professional hard floor cleaner is an option for larger spaces such as shopping mall floorings).
  • Polish furniture, including chairs and office equipment. This is what it looks like
  • Vacuum upholstery
  • Make sure to clean your commercial and office kitchens.
  • Toilets and washroom facilities must be cleaned
  • Take out your bins and put them in a bag.
  • Water plants
  • If possible, wash the windows and frames from the inside.
  • On request, clean the balcony

Did you know?

A typical office worker comes in contact with more than 10 million bacteria each day. You can decrease the number of sick days in your workplace by disinfecting your desk often.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How do I terminate my service?

    A: If you do not require our regular business cleaning services, please notify us 7 days before.

  • Q: I need to speak with someone if I have a problem or want to change the cleaning schedule

    A: You will be assigned an individual account manager from the beginning. His/her prompt assistance is available at all times.

  • Q: What happens if my regular cleaner becomes ill?

    A: We will send a substitute commercial cleaner to you, so you don’t have to worry about missing your scheduled cleaning.

  • Q: Is it possible to ask the cleaner for help with the windows?

    A: The cleaner can help you wash the windows from the inside. Book our professional window cleaning service if you want your windows cleaned from the outside. You may be eligible for discounts