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Why spend time or resources cleaning your garden patio, tennis court, or deck when you can hire Hpcs Cleaners Melbourne to do it?

Our company is technologically advanced Pressure cleaning services These are suitable for outdoor surfaces of all types. Because we use only water and high pressure, the method is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. You will have shiny outdoor hard floors. This will also enhance the appearance of your garden furniture. Any other external surface that can be washed and cleaned up is possible.

The procedure enhances the exterior appearance of your home and extends their lifespan. Pressure cleaning is safe in terms of scratches and marks. It is only left on the surface when it is properly handled by trained personnel.

Pressure cleaners in Melbourne you can trust

The Expert pressure cleaners They are trained to use specialised equipment. They also have:

  • Interview in person before you accept the job
  • Friendly, motivated and available at all times
  • Comprehensive insurance is recommended
  • Certified and licensed
  • Quality control supervisors monitor the progress

What does our Pressure Cleaning Equipment remove?

The short answer is that almost everything. The jet machine is capable of removing organic and non-organic material that isn’t intended to be on the target surface. You could talk about mould, mildew and moss or other types of hard particles buildups.Pressure cleaning session They will be taken care of!

In no time, the water blast will take care of all the work. It doesn’t matter if the surface has salt deposits or fine sand. These can all be removed by the Pressure cleaning With proven results.

If you have any questions about getting your walls graffiti-free, don’t hesitate to contact us. It is not worth trying to remove graffiti yourself, when we can help.

It is also very helpful for builders cleaning. It can be combined with tile and grout cleaning, sealing and stripping.


Experts say that pressure washing your exteriors will extend the life of paint by about three years. Pressure washing is also more affordable than repainting.

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Combining your pressure cleaning can be done with:

Gutter Cleaning Honing/Grinding and Polishing Carpet Cleaning

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What surfaces are you able to clean with a high-pressure cleaning machine?

    A: There are many outdoor surfaces, including walls, fences and concrete driveways, pools. Pavements, patios, decks and vehicles. Water tanks. Certain roofs with low heights. Furniture, awnings. Marquees. Pergolas.

  • Q: Is this an hourly-based service?

    A: Our quotations are based on the area to be washed and the cost per square foot. The service is charged at a m. An estimate will be provided for smaller or more difficult-to-measure garden features such as frames, arches, furniture, and vehicles that need cleaning.

  • Q: Last night, the kids from my next door spray obscenities all over my fence. Could you please come and clean it

    A: Yes. We can send a pressure cleaner as soon as the next morning, subject to availability.

  • Q: What kind of drainage do you have in your garden? It floods every time there is a heavy rain.

    A: Proper drainage is necessary for cleaners to perform their jobs to a high standard.