Post Construction Cleaning Services

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We specialize in post-construction cleaning and renovation clean up throughout Winnipeg. After construction is complete, we provide thorough and thorough cleanup.

After construction, our trained cleaning staff will make sure your condo, home or building is in perfect condition.

Post Construction Cleaning Requires Detail

Let’s face the truth, you are an expert builder and not an expert cleaner. Post Construction Cleaning goes beyond sweeping up saw dust and removing drywall. After you have put so much effort into your building project, why not do the same with cleaning up after it is completed?

We at eshine pay special attention to even the smallest details, ensuring precision and safety in your construction or renovation cleanup.

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Our staff are fully trained and equipped to follow strict cleaning procedures and clean up every inch of your project. We guarantee customer satisfaction. Your customer’s new office, addition, or home will be immaculate and ready for them to move in.

Find out more about why it is important to hire a professional company for post-construction clean up

Here Are 5 Benefits Of Hiring A Post Construction Cleaning


Cleaning up after a construction job is a process that requires professionalism, just like the building process. The work of your crew is done. But for a company that specializes in post-construction cleaning, the job just begins. They won’t rush to finish the job. They will approach each job with fresh eyes, and leave your building sparkling clean.

Professional Cleaning Supplies

Professional grade cleaning demands professional grade cleaning supplies. These high-quality cleaning supplies will make your building look immaculate from the top. Professional cleaning companies are also familiar with the best products for different surfaces to ensure there is no damage.

Save Time

Your time is your money. It is impossible to compare the time it takes to clean your project correctly to the company’s years of experience. A cleaning company will provide all the necessary tools and chemicals so you don’t have to go shopping.

Cleaning Standards

As important as the actual clean-up itself, understanding the specific details and requirements of a post-construction clean up is a key part of our job. We will make it look beautiful and do it right.


During construction, there are many materials. Some of these materials can become airborne, and pose a risk to the respiratory system. Our process includes proper cleaning and removal.