Wine coolers are a
practical storage solution for people who indulge in bulk buying wines or
prefer acquiring vintage ones for special occasions. For owners, they are much
more than that. Wine aficionados love flaunting their collection and expensive
coolers serve as a status symbol for them.

Well, that does not
mean you have to spend several hundred dollars for an expensive wine cooler.
There are some very basic units that you can get for less than $100 to store a
few bottles and save your refrigerator space. Your requirement will of course
depend on your collection.

Some people often
wonder whether or not they should get a wine cooler at all? Is a refrigerator
not enough to store a few wine bottles that you intend to consume in a few days
or weeks? Well, we assume that most of you have already thought this over and
finally decided on getting a wine cooler.

For those who are
still feeling unsure, here’s a bit of advice. The ideal temperature for
chilling wines is 10 to 20 degrees, which is slightly warmer than the home
refrigerator but cooler than room temperature. Furthermore, whites need a
cooler temperature than reds.

With an ideal wine
cooler, you can maintain a constant and ambient temperature for optimum
storage. With so many different brands and models, choosing one product can be
a tough job. To make your task easier, we have created a list of best wine
coolers for different uses.

Before choosing a
wine cooler, stop and analyze the ‘need’ that brought you here. Do you want to
store a large collection that takes up a lot of space in the home fridge? Do
you want to store champagne, white or red wines? Do you want the wine cooler to hold your
exclusive cigars too? Let’s get started.

#1. Best Wine Cooler For Pinot Noir Bottles

Pinot Noir wines are known throughout the world for their characteristic
Burgundy-style bottles with gently sloping shoulders. Also known as the Light
Bodied Red Wine, this category of wines has a low amount of alcohol and they
need to be stored and served at 53-69 °F.

Keeping your Pinot Noir Bottles in a fridge is not a good idea as the
red wine may turn faulty if the inside temperature is not chilled evenly. After
reviewing several products, we recommend the Ivation 28 Bottle Compressor Wine
Cooler. Read our complete review.

Ivation 28 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator

This 28 bottle capacity wine cooler comes equipped with compressor
technology t ensure that the inside temperature is not affected by external
heat sources. The unit hits a minimum temperature that’s low enough to store
white and sparkling wines that require an ideal temperature range of 41°F to

You just need to set the ideal temperature for your Pinot Noir Bottles
and the cooler will preserve the optimum aroma and flavor. It includes a
built-in fan that helps in maintaining a consistent temperature throughout and
provides an ideal environment for long-term storage.

We like the sturdy UV resistant double-paned thermopane glass door that
ensures good interior insulation. It also protects the flavor of aging wines
from getting impacted by the harmful UV light. It also includes a soft
energy-efficient LED light to illuminate your collection for display.

Product features and specifications

Measures 17.7 x 16.9 x 33.1 inchesWeighs 5.69 poundsTemperature Range: 41- 64°FEnergy-efficient LED lightBright LCD displayTouch controls and removable racksMaintains temperature stability UV-Resistant Thermopane Glass DoorHolds 28 standard 750ml bottles

User/ Customer reviews

Most users feel that the wine cooler is well-designed with a good
capacity to store bottles and the temperature setting is also maintained
properly. Some customers have said that it is difficult to keep 4 bottles
together in the bottom rack. While the temperature control is widely
appreciated, a few users have warned that the cooler makes a lot of noise.


This is a gorgeous-looking and well-built wine cooler that does a brilliant job at maintaining the inside temperature optimally for Pinot Noir Bottles. The noise may be disturbing for some, but it more than makes up with its appearance and soft blue light. You will love to flaunt your collection in this one!

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#2. Best Wine Cooler For Champagne

Nothing compares to a good old bottle of champagne and every occasion
calls for a celebration with a bubble fountain. If you are an ardent collector
of luxury brands or simply a Champagne-lover, you will love collecting the vintage

It’s a shame to keep your champagnes in the refrigerator, as they
deserve a dedicated wine cooler. After reviewing a plethora of products online,
we recommend the SMETA 19 Bottles Wine Refrigerator Under Counter Wine Cooler.
Read on for our unbiased review.

SMETA 19 Bottles Under Counter Wine Cooler

This wine cooler or wine cellar from the house of SMETA comes with a
19-bottle storage capacity for keeping champagnes, red or white wines, beers,
and beverages. The unit maintains an optimal temperature range of 39.2 to 64.4
degree F, and also allows users to customize the temperature.

The exterior looks sleek and gorgeous, plus the soft blue LED interior
lighting further enhances the appearance. It displays the collection without
raising the temperature, so there’s no impact on the aroma or flavor of the
aging champagne bottles. 

Installation under counter or freestanding is easy, and it matches any
décor so keep it in the kitchen, living room, or bar area. The compact size
fits into any space of the house. The noise level is 39dB, which is
considerably low. The manufacturer stands behind the product with a 12 Months

Product features and specifications

Measures 17.1 x 18.7 x 25.6 inchesWeighs 35 pounds2.18 Cubic Feet capacity Maintains 39.2 to 64.4 degree FSoft LED lightingDigital touch controlLow noise, only 39dBFreestanding or under counter

User/ Customer reviews

Most people were able to install it successfully under the kitchen
counter where it runs quietly and efficiently with a soft blue light. Users
feel that the racks are solid and they can accommodate a good number of
champagne bottles, but they can’t take 5 side by side for anything that’s
bigger than the standard size. A few users have complained that the unit lacks
feet so it sinks when placed above a carpet.


This is a well-made stainless steel wine cooler that offers good durability and enough space to store a lot of champagne bottles at optimum temperature. It matches with any decor and adds more sophistication to the interiors. If you don’t mind the noise it produces, this is a decent product for serious wine lovers.

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#3. Best Wine Cooler For Burgundy Bottles

All wine bottles are not built alike and they may vary by region and
style. For example, the Burgundy bottles tend to have a rounder and fuller
base, while the Bordeaux bottles are more rectangular. Burgundy wine is native
to the eastern region of France and they taste best when they age.

If you have a good collection of Burgundy Bottles, you will need a
suitable wine cellar that can hold these bottles for a long time at ambient
temperature. We recommend the WIE 18 Bottle Wine Freestanding Refrigerator.
Read on for the complete review.

WIE 18 Bottle Wine Refrigerator

This is a freestanding wine refrigerator with a capacity of holding 18
bottles and maintaining a constant temperature between the range of 41°- 64°F.
By storing your burgundy bottles in the right temperature and humidity level,
you can retain its authentic flavor and aroma.

Equipped with a powerful compressor, the wine cooler is capable of
adapting to varying room temperatures and additional heat to function more
efficiently. It helps in maintaining a stable humidity and temperature level to
create a favorable internal environment for wines.

We love the ability to store bottles vertically or convert the shelves
into a wine glass rack to store the delicate stemware. There is also a tilting
shelf at the bottom to store the opened bottles. With a stylish tempered mirror
glass, touch controls, and cool blue light, the compact wine unit matches any

Product features and specifications

Measures 9.8 x 13.6 x 26 inches 52.3 poundsTemperature range 41°- 64°F18-Bottle CapacityCustomized Design with Removable Shelves12 Months After-Sales GuaranteePowerful Compressor Fast Cooling System

User/ Customer reviews

Most people are thrilled with the stylish exterior facade with
reflective glass and accent blue light that enhances the decor. Users have also
said that the installation and setup is easy as you just need to press on the
‘gear’ symbol to activate the controls. A few customers have warned that the
temperature display light is bright and the machine makes a humming sound while


The wine cooler is sleek, stylish, and compact, just the way you like to flaunt your Burgundy bottles and age it at the right temperature until you like. We love the fact that the unit can also hold various other bottles of different shapes and sizes. With a 12 months after-sale guarantee, this is a worry-free and safe investment for your precious wine collection.

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#4. Best Wine Cooler For Fermenting Beer

After you are done with mashing and boiling your beer, the next step is
to brew in the right temperature ranging between an average of 68-75 degrees
F.  Regardless of whether you use of a bucket, carboy, or conical fermenter,
you will need a well-insulated storage space that maintains a constant

Thankfully, you can convert wine coolers into a fermentation chamber for
your beers. Some of the models can easily accommodate a large size bucket. We recommend
the Magic Chef Black 28-Bottle Single-Zone Wine Cooler. Read on to find our

Magic Chef Black 28-Bottle Single-Zone Wine Cooler

The 28-bottle, single-zone wine refrigerator by Magic Chef is spacious
and comes with chrome shelves that can be removed to make extra space. The
shelves are beautifully sculpted to accommodate different types of wine bottles
and they can be removed to store a beer fermenter.

The mirrored glass-like door is sturdy and lets you view your wine
collection with ease. There are touch digital controls that let you monitor and
adjust the temperature inside the cooler. The interior lighting helps in
displaying the wine collection and adjustable temperature maintains a favorable
environment for aging wines or fermenting beer.

The wine cooler sports a sleek and compact design that goes well with
any décor.  Thermoelectric cooling with easily modifiable temperature
control lets you store your beer and wines at the optimal serving temperature.

Product features and specifications

Measures 20.5 x 18.1 x 29.1 inchesWeighs 46.7 pounds28-bottle single-zoneadjustable temperatureperfect for countertop usesculpted chrome shelvesinterior lighting

User/ Customer reviews

Users love the ability of this wine cooler to maintain a constant
temperature and humidity level for aging wines for 2 to 7 years and more. Some people
also prefer using the unit for brewing homemade beers successfully. Most
customers have said that installation is a breeze and it takes about 1.5 hours
to reach the desired temperature for storing wines.


Wine enthusiasts who wish to get a similar experience of a wine cellar without having to actually invest in one can benefit from the Magic Chef Black Single-Zone Wine Cooler. It is designed to keep your wines and beer cool, not cold and retain the original flavor and aroma. Overall, we feel this is a good wine cooler if you like fermenting your own homemade beer.

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#5. Best Wine Cooler For Cheese Cave

Do you love making aged cheese more than the fresh ones? One of the biggest problems that arise is finding that perfect appliance that saves your cheese as age them. Some people may use refrigerators for the purpose, but it requires constant monitoring and controlling to maintain the right temperature.

Cheese ages at about 55- 65 degree F temperature and 70% humidity level.
Modern home cheesemakers are turning to wine coolers to make aged cheese. We
recommend the Danby DWC93BLSDB 36 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler.

Danby DWC93BLSDB 36 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler

This is a compact freestanding wine cooler designed and manufactured by
Danby. It is a convenient and economical way to store your wine collection at a
favorable temperature. The spacious interior is designed to accommodate up to
36 bottles of standard sizes.

The black wire shelving units look impressive and they may be removed to
make more space inside the wine cooler. The soft blue LED interior lighting
looks great and displays your collection through a stylish tempered-glass door.
The reversible door swing is convenient for both right and left-hand opening.

With no incandescent bulb to impact the chilling process and protection
from ultraviolet rays, the appliance maintains an ambient temperature ranging
between 6°C and 14°C. Pocket-style handle and smooth back design make it more
convenient to use. The manufacturer backs it up with a 12-month warranty.

Product features and specifications

Measures 20.08 x 17.52 x 32.76 inchesWeighs 69 poundsTemperature between 6°C and 14°CBlack wire shelvingTempered glass door 12-month warranty36 bottle free-standing wine coolerBlue LED interior lighting Recessed pocket style handle

User/ Customer reviews

People find this a good budget wine cooler that looks great and does a
great job at storing wines and even aging cheese if you wish. Users have said
that the unit looks well-built and solid enough to last for long. A few
customers have warned about the wine cooler making a whining noise.
Installation and set up is also easy, as per the users.


This is not a high-end wine cooler, but for the price, it delivers a decent performance and has enough storage space to accommodate wine bottles, beverages, and cheese too. With so many multipurpose you, the Danby DWC93BLSDB gives you a good price to performance ratio.

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#6. Best Wine Fridge For Curing Meat

Wine coolers are not just for storing your beverages. As they help in
maintaining a constant temperature and humidity level, they can also be used
for curing various types of meat and vegetables. Believe it or not, but a good
wine cooler can be an excellent tool for preserving meats and vegetables by
salting, brining, drying, or canning.

Temperature, airflow, humidity, and time are the four main parameters
when it comes to curing meat. After reviewing dozens of products online, we
recommend the 15-Bottle Wine Cooler. Read on to find our unbiased review of the

NutriChef Wine Cooler Refrigerator

This freestanding countertop wine cooler is capable of accommodating 15
win bottles at once. It comes with four chrome-polished wine racks and one
bottom standing rack for proper storage and chilling the drinks. The racks can
be removed to make space for curing meat and vegetables.

The wine cooler comes with a built-in compressor with an adjustable
temperature setting that can maintain a constant temperature within the range
of 41-64° degrees Fahrenheit. It comes with a control panel features that
automatically locks 20 seconds after the last button is pressed to prevent an
undesired change of settings. 

There is a digital soft-touch control panel that enables users to easily
adjust the temperature, humidity, and LED light. As the controls are at the
door, you don’t need to open it repeatedly to change the settings, making it
more energy-efficient. With a reinforced glass door featuring an air-tight
seal, it functions without making any noise.

Product features and specifications

Measures 28.1 x 21.5 x 17.5 inchesWeighs 49.7 pounds15-bottle capacity Integrated LED LightCompressor Fan Cooling TechnologyTouch Screen Control ButtonUltra-Quiet Operation

User/ Customer reviews

Most people find this wine cooler easy to install and set up on their
kitchen counter, matching perfectly with the décor. Users are impressed that
the unit holds as many bottles as described by the manufacturer and removable
shelves also make more space. A few customers have warned that the temperature
does not go below 57 degrees.


If you are looking for a multipurpose wine cooler that you can use to store your precious collection and also cure meat and vegetables when needed, the NutriChef Wine Cooler is a good choice. With variable cooling temperature, you can use the unit for storing white, red, and rosy wines. Overall, we feel it offers good value for money.

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#6. Best Wine Cooler For Wineador

Wineadors refer to the method of storing a large collection of cigars at
an ambient temperature (70 degrees and 67% humidity). As wine coolers are much
more reasonable to set up and use, many people prefer using Wineadors to store
their wine collection.

To convert your wine cooler into a wineador, you may need a proper
humidification device and a hygrometer. After reviewing several products, we
recommend the NewAir Wine Cooler and Refrigerator. Read on to find the complete

NewAir Freestanding Wine Cooler

This is a 28-bottle capacity freestanding wine cooler made from
stainless steel for durability. It is equipped with a thermoelectric cooling
system to allow you to maintain a steady temperature between a range of 54-66
degrees Fahrenheit for both red or white wines.

At 25 dB, this vibration-free wine cooler is significantly quieter than
other models. There are push-button controls on the door frame to help you
quickly monitor the settings and adjust the temperature as required without
having to frequently open the door.

There is an interior LED light illumination to display your wine and
cigar collection preserved at the desired temperature and humidity level. The
six chrome plated wire shelves can be removed to make more space for easy
bottle loading when required.

Product features and specifications

Measures 18.13 x 20.88 x 29.25 inchesWeighs 50 pounds28 Bottle CapacityDigital DisplayInterior LED LightingNoise Level 25 dB6 chrome-plated wire shelves

User/ Customer reviews

Users have said that although small, this compact unit is a
complimentary addition to the kitchen with dedicated storage space for wine
bottles and cigar. Most people like the overall design of the cooler and the
way, racks slide out and can be removed to create more space. A few customers
have warned that the temperature does not go below 54 degrees.


The  NewAir Freestanding wine cooler is a great appliance for any wine enthusiast who is serious about his collection. The bonus point is that you can convert this into Wineadors to store your exclusive cigars at well. So, you get dual benefits with a single appliance. This is definitely good value for money.

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#7. Best Wine Cooler For Cigars

Why buy a wine cooler and humidor separately when you can use them as one?
Yes, you can convert your wine cooler into a humidor to hold your cigars when
needed. Just like wines, cigar enthusiasts also end up buying a lot of sticks
that need to be aged at a contestant temperature and humidity level.

The best wine coolers can also be used for storing your luxury cigars.
After reviewing numerous products online, we recommend the Whynter CWC-351DD
Freestanding Wine Center Cigar Cooler Humidor. Read on to find the complete

Whynter CWC-351DD Freestanding Wine Center Cigar Cooler Humidor

This is a dual-zone freestanding winter cooler cum humidor that has the
capacity to accommodate 16 standard 750ml wine bottles and up to 350+ cigars.
The adjustable thermostat makes it possible to control the temperature range in
both zones between 46ºF – 66ºF.

This is a multipurpose wine fridge comprises of seven premium
stainless steel shelves that can be removed to accommodate bigger bottles.
There are also four removable Spanish cedar shelves and three Spanish cedar
drawers. With no moving parts, you get a comparatively silent operation.

The interior of the wine cooler is illuminated with a soft LED light
that comes with an on/ off switch to display your collection. Other features
include a humidity tray and an inbuilt hygrometer that prevents sun-inflicted
deterioration with the help of a protective and tempered double panel glass

Product features and specifications

Measures 21 x 21 x 33 inchesWeighs 69.5 poundsStainless Steel/Black28 Bottle Capacity16 standard 750ml wine bottlesHolds up to 350+ cigarsInterior LED LightingHumidity tray and hygrometer3 removable Spanish cedar drawers 4 Spanish cedar shelves7 removable premium stainless steel shelves

User/ Customer reviews

People love the fact that this sturdy dual-zone wine cooler looks great
and complements any decor where it is placed. Most users feel that the humidity
levels are good and the unit holds up to the temperature really well for both
wines and cigar. Customers are happy to find a perfect product that holds a
good number of cigars and also their precious wine collection on the side


The assembly part is easy and you just need to season the humidifier before using it. Anyone who loves collecting both wines and cigars can save money as well as space by investing in this beautiful dual zone wine cooler. The thoughtful exterior design with handles and perfectly done shelves with soft lighting make it worth every penny.

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Related Questions

What other drinks can I store in wine cooler

The ideal temperature for storing red wines is 50-64°F and for white
wine, it is 40-50°F. The non-alcoholic drinks stay good at any of these levels.
If you struggling for space in your refrigerator, you may store some extra
drinks like sparkling water, soda, water bottles, lemonade, and iced tea in a
wine cooler.

Can I keep foods inside a wine cooler

 Yes, you may keep most of the perishable foods in a wine cooler to
make them last longer. Examples of fruits and vegetables you may store ate
pears, apples, bananas, grapes, leafy greens, and herbs. We strongly suggest
that you avoid keeping onions and garlic inside the cooler. Cheese can be
stored at a temperature between 35 and 45°F. Olive oil is best stored in wine
cellars at an ideal temperature of 57°F.

What’s the best way to clean a wine cooler

We suggest that you clean the unit once a month or two can help you add
more years to your investment. To do this, first, unplug the cooler and remove
all items. Clean the side walls with a mild cleaner and warm water. You may
also use a baking soda solution to deodorize and remove stains. Use a wood
cleaner and soft cloth to clean the wooden shelves and trays. Clean the
exterior using a mild detergent and soft cloth.

Do wines expire and how can I get best aging results

Yes, some wines do expire but there are some high-quality ones that can stay good even after 100 years if they are stored in an ambient environment. If your primary objective is to age wines, we suggest that you look for a wine cooler with UV-tinted glass to reduce light disturbance to the beverage and store the unit in a dark place. You may also ensure that a constant humidity around 70% is maintained throughout. 

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