Charity Clean Program


Thank you for your interest in Amazing Cleaning’s “Charity Clean” program.

How does it work? If you know someone with a disability or someone in hardship you can contact the appropriate charity in your area. They’ll in turn contact us and once approved we’ll put the person on our waiting list to have their house cleaned at no charge to them. It’s that easy.

*There are some conditions and final approval is with Hpcs Cleaning.

Another feature of Hpcs Cleaning’s “Charity Clean” program is you can “Gift A Cleaning” to someone in need.

Simply fill in your details in the contact area on the right. We’ll then contact you to make arrangements for the clean. This is a great idea for when you want to help but, you want something more practical than flowers or cards.

Possible recipients are…

  • The elderly, this lets them maintain their independence and improve their safety.
  • People with disabilities.
  • Someone going through treatment and the house work is falling behind. A clean house can sometimes help the healing process.


These can be once off visits

For more information please contact Hpcs Cleaning