The time comes when tenants approach the end of their rental agreement and seek to move on. They would definitely want to get their rent bond back. A rent bond is money paid by the tenant at the beginning of their rent to compensate for damages and mismanagement of the house at the end of the rent if they (tenant) fail to keep the house in acceptable condition. That means your landlord gets to keep total or a portion of your rent bond payment, depending on the situation. Managers can also be quite picky. They withhold your bond money as their leverage when your house isn’t looking quite good after cleaning. High Power gives you guaranteed bond back cleaning Melbourne.

But you must have your bond back, especially since it often sums up to four weeks of rent. And it can employ for future rental homes, as well as even help you in purchasing your house. What are the things to look out for in bond back cleaning in Melbourne?

What is Involved in Bond Back Cleaning Melbourne

For you to engage in bond back cleaning, you must take the following places and things in the house, among other things, into consideration. Ensure the walls and skirting boards are stain free. Clear out the cupboards and wardrobes accordingly. All doors, windows, floors, carpets, toilets, and the balconies must be washed and cleaned thoroughly. Do not leave out the curtains, blinds, your air conditioners, the kitchen, the porch, and backyard. All these are a huge task, especially if you want them all sparkling clean. And that is why you need us.

 At High Power Cleaning, gladly relieve our clients of worries with our professional cleaning standards. We know how important your bond is to you. We know how important a clean and properly managed house is to your agent/landlord. Of course, the cleaning is essential to us, and so we work to make sure all three parties are duly satisfied and happy. Our bond back cleaning practically houses all that is inside the property, and so we got you covered, such that your bond is 100% retained! Awesome, right?  providing outstanding bond cleaning services across Melbourne that are next to none. And our professional cleaners know exactly what a property manager looks for at the end of a clean, and that extensively helps us in creating spotless spaces. The pleasure of our clients is our utmost priority, as their happiness is what we won’t stop working hard for!


  • Affordability: We offer excellent service at an affordable rate, such that it matches the needs of our customers!
  • Expertise: With years of experience in the cleaning business, we are one of the most dependable cleaning services in the whole of Melbourne, as we are fully equipped with trained professionals!
  • Environmentally Friendly:  Employ eco-friendly products and biodegradables that are safe to be used in homes, even with pets and kids.
  • Technology Driven:  Creatively employ methods and utilize technology to adopt our excellent cleaning in the best way.


About Us

We have all of Melbourne covered, and so, don’t for a second think we’re not adequately insured. So, don’t risk it. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Get in touch with us today at and have that solution to End of lease cleaning that you need. And know that every single corner of your home will be conscientiously cleaned and polished to perfection!

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