Factory cleaning – any type and complexity of your industrial site and wherever your location, we will be able to clean and restore its original at maximum extent inside and out by coming to our aim which is


Efficiency and your budget

a) to reduce work time by High-Tec equipment and skills
b) to make it cost-effective, only match your budget

More that this, holding full capacity to tailor our service to meet the needs and specifications of your budget by handling large operations and quality service by trained and trusted staff using the latest equipment is among our greatest assets, and the king for our success.


Factory floor care and maintenance

Sometimes, the floors often display significant deterioration and grime. Let us clean your floor, any type of them, concrete or paved floor, and you will see how excellent to restore appearance and create a more beautiful working environment for all the staff.

Our 20 Million Public liability insurance is available upon request.

• Steam Cleaning
• Large scale decreasing jobs
• Acid washing of walls and floors
• Machine cleaning and scrubbing
• Stripping
• Sanding
• Polishing