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Relocating to a new place involves a lot of hassle. You need to take some days off from your work, pack up your things and a whole lot of other things that you must take care of. Top that all off with the burden of cleaning up the place where you have been living in.

We take it from right there. High Power Cleaning offers you the expert end of cleaning Melbourne service. With our end of lease clean you will be able to minimise the pressure of relocating. The varied type of commercial cleaning properties have differed cleaning requirements. The requirements that need to be fulfilled on time, within budget and to a high standard.

At High Power Cleaning we aim to deliver you all three. By availing our services, you can be assured to get the highest standard end of lease cleaning service with all the targets met. Typically, end of lease cleaning Melbourne services offered here at High Power Cleaning is a deep clean approach. With our help you can return the premises to your landlord in a perfect condition that was established on the lease agreement in the first place.

Our team of well-trained and professional cleaning team will meet the cleaning requirements without you having to worry. We ensure that no corner of the premise is left unclean and make the entire space squeaky clean. Just mention your cleaning needs to us and we will take care of it. Available in affordable price range we will deliver top-notch cleaning of your leased property.

Why Choose Us?

Still not convinced about our end of lease cleaning services, well, here’s what you get when you avail our services. Here at High Power Cleaning, we have a team of extremely skilled and professional cleaners that delivers any sort of cleaning job at residential or commercial setting.

For end of lease cleaning, you definitely require an in-depth cleaning that leaves your landlord impressed. We offer you just that and that too at affordable and honest price range. We won’t charge you extra for any of our services. Also, we will fulfil all your end of lease cleaning requirements right on time.

You can have a hassle-free move out from the property. We assure to provide you end-to-end cleaning service. No corner of the property will be left out and your landlord will be met with a squeaky-clean premise. With our advanced cleaning technology, we ensure that no grime leaves behind and the property is cleaned to perfection.

When it comes to cleaning, we don’t make any compromises. Each nook and corner of the property will be taken care by our expert team of cleaners. Get value for money end of lease cleaning services with us.

So, what are you waiting for? Lessen the burden of relocating by taking off one task of your to-do list. We guarantee to provide you best of the best cleaning services for your end of lease property. Avail our top-notch end of lease cleaning Melbourne services that will take care of your cleaning requirements of old leased property.


Our Pricing

End of Lease Cleaning Pack 1
Available for Carpeted House, Duplex House, Town House, Single Unit.
End of Lease Cleaning pack 2
Available for No Carpeted House, Duplex House, Town House, Single Unit.
End of Lease Cleaning Pack 3
Whole Cleaning Included walls, Outside windows.




About Us

We have all of Melbourne covered, and so, don’t for a second think we’re not adequately insured. So, don’t risk it. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Get in touch with us today at High Power Cleaning and have that solution to End of lease cleaning that you need. And know that every single corner of your home will be conscientiously cleaned and polished to perfection!



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