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Cleaning Melbourne End Of Lease


Cleanliness is an essential part of cleaning when it comes to getting the money from bonds, and cleaners have had to develop new and innovative cleaning techniques to clean rental properties quickly and efficiently. 

To book a final cleaning service in Melbourne, simply fill out our online form or call us get a quick quote, or just book with us and give us a call. If you stop cleaning at the end – or end – your agent will demand proof of the cleaning bill and the $100 deposit will be forgotten in your account. 

Our polite cleaners are friendly and courteous and provide professional services. Our professional cleaners have been trained to perform the highest quality of cleanliness in Melbourne with the best results. Highest quality cleaning Melbourne end of lease cleaners, and our cleaning services in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. 

Hiring a professional cleaner means tenants don’t have to worry about getting their deposit back. If you are looking for a client – a company focused on ending tenancies in Melbourne – contact Maid Melbourne. Why should tenants use our lease cleaning service and why should they pay for our services? 

Our cleaners are highly qualified and experienced and have performed hundreds of lease cleaning services in Bayside. We have extensive experience in cleaning apartments and know that some landlords and agents are looking for a check at the end of the rental period. The property manager will inspect the house to check for any damage during the rental period. 

Hiring a professional cleaner means tenants don’t have to worry about getting their deposit back. Why should tenants get a rental cleaning service from us and how do we do our cleaning in Bayside? We are one of the most experienced leasing companies in Melbourne with over 20 years of experience in the industry. 

There is no lease agreement that requires tenants to return a rental property in the same condition at the end of the lease period. Our property manager inspects the house and checks for damage that occurs during the rental period, as well as changes in health and safety. 

If you want to move out of your rental apartment and do not want to lose your deposit, you can use the services of a professional cleaning company who will help you clean the entire property quickly and easily. You may have already understood that it is beneficial to use the services of professional cleaning companies. 

Many people think it is worth calling in a professional cleaner to help get your property in order before you move out, as you don’t want to lose your ties. They could also move or sell and need a thorough eviction and cleaning before the new owner moves in. It is good to know who is cleaning your leases and how high they are, so you can plan ahead and get an idea of what the cleaners are charging for this type of work. 

A cleaner who moves in and out at the end of the tenancy typically charges a flat fee, ranging from $200 for a small one-bedroom unit to $1000 for larger homes. 

A carpet cleaning specialist will steam – steam clean the floor, remove most stains and apply industrial shampoo and cleaning products if the stains are a bit more persistent. Floor cleaning is one of the most expensive parts of your rental bill, but Extra Care Cleaning can take care of all your floor cleaning needs and can count on you to get the job done properly by taking care of things like carpets, floors and other maintenance requirements.

With vinyl or linoleum flooring, you know how easy it is to leave traces of abrasion and lining with stubborn stains on the surface. We even offer professional carpet and upholstery cleaning, which can remove stubborn stains and unpleasant smells. 

In fact, we are so good at providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee and doing our best to ensure the perfect end of lease cleaning every time. 

We are in the cleaning business because we know that no two rentals are the same and you will be reassured that the price we set for the cleaning is what you pay.

No matter how large or small your apartment is, our cleaning specialists will provide you with all the services you need to recover your deposit. If you inquire about the end of the rental cleaning, ask for the required service and give us a quick quote with no obligation. 

As a full-service company, we will endeavour to ensure that you receive your full deposit back when you move out. All you need from your side is to select the right cleaning package as needed, where you can show your agent how much you have taken care to keep your office space as it was originally given to you.